German Global Trade

Our goals

We are providing access to quality goods and services from Germany and other parts of the world for our customers and trading partners, especially in African countries.

For you we will do our best in order to source the products you request at an outstanding quality level and at reasonable prices. We focus on merchandise and services from Germany and other European countries but also include worldwide resources depending on quality requirements.

"Made in Germany" is well known for excellent quality and mastership in all fields of engineering and we want to extend this excellence to our partners.

It has been experienced by many consumers around the globe that the lowest prices cannot guarantee satisfaction, because goods of higher value and price justify their cost in the long run.

Our range of services reflects the huge variety of great products that we have access to.

The most uncommon inquiries are our challenge so please do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of request you might have.

Fanuel Haile

Siegfried Steinfurth